Photo Organizing

Are you ready to make the investment in organizing and preserving your family memories?


I can help you organize your photos, create rich photo albums 
and engaging slide shows to tell your story!

Sort out decades of Kodak moments

You have dutifully saved everything and somehow you are not quite sure what to do with all of your photos. Your photos end up causing overwhelm and clutter. You feel guilty because you can’t find or use them.

Collect, label and edit your digital collection

All your photos are living on multiple devices—and not being enjoyed. Perhaps you are missing physical albums?  I’ll help you change that. My role is to support you, go through the images for you and guide you to a final goal, in an album or on screen.

Create beautiful photo albums

Do you want to share your personal legacy and document your life stories in a way that family members, grandchildren and future generations will cherish?

I will help you create an heirloom photo album that opens a conversation about your history and shows what you were like as a child. The story we create through photos will close the generation gap and ensure that history doesn’t disappear, and instead—will connect generations for years to come. 

Gather and preserve family treasures

From letters to souvenirs, kids’ artwork to memorabilia, I help you rediscover what you have in your closet, collect the bits and pieces, and make a coherent personal story.

Perhaps your children are heading off to college or you are downsizing? If you want to reduce the amount of clutter without losing the sentiment, I will help you create a lean selection of objects —a time capsule of sorts— that can be passed down, preserving those precious memories. 

 Design meaningful montages

Maybe you'd like to celebrate a birthday, engagement, graduation, wedding or mitzvah—but photos of the family members are scattered among friends and relatives, devices and social media?

I can streamline your image collection and create the perfect complement to your celebration. Your family members can all contribute images, and your guests will enjoy a tasteful, artfully-crafted, professional and lively slideshow that enhances the event. 

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